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further explore the most well known New Wave films...

What are the most important films of the French New Wave? In this section we look in depth at the works that defined the movement.

Lift to the Scaffold


Ascenseur pour l'├ęchafaud
(Elevator to the Gallows)

Louis Malle was just 25 years old when he directed Elevator to the Gallows. Its success helped to launch his career, made a star of Jeanne Moreau, and helped kick-start the French New Wave.


Le Beau Serge


Le Beau Serge
(Handsome Serge)

Le Beau Serge, directed by Claude Chabrol, has traditionally been cited as the first French New Wave film.Whether true or not, the film does exemplify many of the qualities that would come to be associated with the French New Wave: the story focuses on the travails of youth; it was shot on location using real locations and natural light; and Chabrol drew on his own life for source material.

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