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Suzanne's Career  
Eric Rohmer
1963 || 55 mins

Bertrand (Philippe Beuzin), a shy and reserved university student, is attracted to the self-confident Sophie (Diane Wilkinson), but is too timid to ask her out. By contrast, his roguish friend Guillaume (Christian Charriere) seduces the good-natured Suzanne (Catherine See) without a qualm. When Suzanne transfers her affections to Bertrand, he exploits her generous nature in a cruel game instigated by Guillaume. By the time Bertrand finally realizes that he cares for Suzanne, it’s already too late.

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The second of Eric Rohmer’s “Moral Tales” series, La Carriere de Suzanne (Suzanne’s Career) expands upon themes established in La Boulangere de Monceau (The Baker of Monceau). Again shot on 16mm black and white film in and around Paris, using a cast of young unknown actors, the film lacks the clarity and precision of its predecessor. Nonetheless, the story is engaging, and the naturalistic dialogue and use of real locations gives one a sense of observing real people living real lives. As before the main character narrates much of the story, commenting on events as they occur. Although this time he doesn’t get the girl, his realization of what a fool he’s been, at least suggests that he is capable of changing his ways in the future.

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