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Pierre Kast (September 22nd, 1920 – 20th October, 1984) was a Second World War Resistance activist, co-founder of the University of Paris Cinéclub, film critic (for Cahiers du Cinéma) and a director of documentaries and features. A fiercely independent spirit, who, despite early affiliations with both the communist party and the surrealists, described himself as an intellectual dandy and nobody’s accomplice. His films are marked by their wit, attack on bourgeois norms and refined style



Pierre Kast
Dir. Pierre Kast

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As Director
French Title
English Title
Type of Film
Les charmes de l'existence 1949 short co-directed with Jean Grémillon
Les Femmes du Louvre 1951 documentary  
Arithmétique 1951 documentary  
La Chasse à l'homme 1952 short
Je sème à tout vent 1952 short
À nous deux Paris! 1953 short
L'Architecte maudit: Claude-Nicolas Ledoux   1954 documentary  
Le Corbusier, l'architecte du bonheur 1957 documentary  
Un amour de poche Girl in His Pocket 1957 feature
Le Bel Âge Love is When You Make It 1959 feature
Images pour Baudelaire 1959 short
Des ruines et des hommes 1959 short co-directed with Marcelle Lioret
Une question d'assurance 1960 short
Merci Natercia! Thankyou Natercia! 1960 feature
La Morte saison des amours The Season of Love 1961 feature
P.X.O. 1962 documentary co-directed with Jacques Doniol-Valcroze
Les Vacances portugaises Portuguese Vacation 1963 feature
Le Grain de sable The Circular Triangle 1964 feature
Le Brûlure de mille soleils The Heat of a Thousand Suns 1965 feature
Les Carnets Brésiliens 1966 documentary for television
Bandeira Branca de Oxalá 1968 documentary  
Drôle de jeu Strange Game 1968 feature
Les Soleils de l'ile de Pâques The Suns of Easter Island 1972 feature
A Nudez de Alexandra 1976 feature
Le Soleil en face Face to the Sun 1980 feature
La Guérilléra 1982 feature
L'Herbe rouge 1985 feature for television

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