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Chris Marker (b. July 29 1921 - July 30 2012) was a writer, photographer, filmmaker, multi-media artist and world traveller, whose cinematic essays have been challenging audiences for more than half a century with their complex queries about time, memory and the nature of truth. A self-effacing figure who was rarely interviewed and even more rarely photographed (when asked for a picture of himself, he usually offered a photograph of a cat instead), Marker is considered by many critics as one of the most important directors in the world. His prolific output as a filmmaker included such landmarks as Lettre de Sibérie (1957), La Jetée (1962), Le Joli Mai (1963), Sans Soliel (1983) and Level Five (1997).

Chris Marker
Dir. Chris Marker

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As Director
French Title
English Title
Type of Film
Olympia 52   1952 documentary  
Les Statues meurent aussi Statues Also Die 1953 documentary co-director with Alain Resnais
Dimanche à Pekin Sunday in Peking 1956 documentary  
Lettre de Sibérie Letter from Siberia 1957 documentary  
Les Astronautes The Astronauts 1959 short co-director with Walerian Borowczyk
Description d'un combat Description of a Struggle 1960 documentary  
Cuba Si!   1961 documentary  
La Jetée The Pier 1961 short  
Le Joli mai   1963 documentary co-director with Pierre Lhomme
Le Mystère Koumiko The Koumiko Mystery 1965 documentary  
Si j'avais quatre dromadaires If I had Four Dromedaries 1966 documentary  
Rhodiacéta     documentary  
Loin du Vietnam Far From Vietnam 1967 documentary one of 7 directors
Cinétracts   1968 documentary  
La Sixième face du Pentagone The Sixth Face of the Pentagon 1968 documentary co-director with Francois Reichenbach
À bientôt, j'espère Be Seeing You 1968 documentary co-director with Mario Marret
Jour de tournage   1969 documentary  
On vous parle du Brésil: Tortures   1969 documentary  
Classe de lutte   1969 documentary  
On vous parle du Brésil: Carlos Merighela   1970 documentary  
On vous parle du Paris: Maspero. Les mots ont un sens   1970 documentary  
Le Train en marche The Train Rolls On 1971 documentary  
On vous parle de Prague: Le deuxième procés d'Artur London   1971 documentary  
La Bataille des dix millions Cuba: Battle of the 10,000,000 1972 documentary  
Vive la baleine   1972 documentary co-director with Mario Ruspoli
L'Ambassade Embassy 1973 documentary  
La Solitude du chanteur de fond The Loneliness of the Long Distance Singer 1974 documentary  
Le Fond de l'air est rouge Grin Without a Cat 1977 documentary  
Junkopia   1981 documentary co-director with John Chapman and Frank Simeone
Sans soleil Without Sun 1983 documentary  
2084   1984 documentary  
From Chris to Christo   1985 documentary  
A.K.   1985 documentary  
Mémoires pour Simone   1986 documentary  
L'héritage de la chouette   1989 documentary 13 TV episodes
Berliner Ballade   1990 documentary  
Le Facteur sonne toujours cheval   1992 documentary  
Le 20 heures dans les camps   1993 documentary  
Le Tombeau d'Alexandre The Last Bolshevik 1993 documentary  
Casque bleu   1995 documentary  
Level Five   1997 documentary  
Un maire au Kosova   2000 documentary  
"Cinéma, de notre temps" - Une journée d'Andrei Arsenevitch   2000 documentary 1 TV episode
Le Souvenir d'un avenir Remembrance of Things to Come 2001 documentary  
Chats perchés The Case of the Grinning Cat 2004 documentary  
Leila Attacks   2007 short  


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