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.complete guide to the French New Wave and new wave cinema from around the world
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Anna Karina 400 Blows / Quatre Cents Coups Jean Luc Godard Brigitte Bardot Jean-Pierre Leaud Louis Malle Jules and JIm Francois Truffaut Breathless / A Bout de Souffle Catherine Deneuve Jean Paul Belmondo Jeanne Moreau Claude Chabrol Pierrot Le Fou

French New Wave Film Guide
The 400 Blows
Need help on where to start?
we take you through the best loved french new wave films [read more]

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  • Au revoir Bebel.


    Jean-Paul Belmondo, an icon of the New Wave and one of the greatest stars of French cinema, has died at the age of 88. [read bio]

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    The life and death of Jean Seberg. Read our new in-depth biography of the star of Breathless.

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    Claude Chabrol's Le Beau Serge is the second in our comprehensive New Wave Classics series. Read the in-depth review.

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  • UPDATED! American New Wave: New Hollywood 1967-1969


    From Bonnie and Clyde to Easy Rider: read about how the New Hollywood generation reinvented American cinema.

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Updated! Top Ten Lists
Jules and Jim
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Film Encyclopedia
all French New Wave Films
So, what films are French New Wave, anyway?
see our full index of films by title + the latest reviews [read more]
all French New Wave Films
Interested in the theory, style & ideas behind the films?
seminal texts + articles from New Wave fashion to politics [read more]

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